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In this course Robert invites Canadian luthier, Heidi Litke of Red Sands Ukuleles, to show how she builds a tenor ukulele in her shop in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. The course is divided into 12 chapters, each containing easy to follow lessons filmed in high definition video. You start with a box of lumber and progress to a finished high quality instrument. You will do it all: thickness and brace the top and back, thickness and bend the sides, make and carve the neck, slot and thickness the fretboard, install frets, learn how to apply a French polished shellac finish etc. Emphasis is on the use of hand tools. The course also includes a set of Heidi’s tenor ukulele plans as well as plans and instructions for making a plate joining jig and a fret slotting jig. Heidi has other ukulele size plans available at Luthiers Mercantile International


In addition to the detailed step by step instructions on how to build a tenor ukulele, the course also includes an interview with Heidi on the history of the ukulele as well as interviews with world renowned ukulele players James Hill and Chalmers Doane. As if that were not enough, we even visit wood dealers to show how wood is processed and torrefied.

The ukulele is a fun instrument and has become quite popular over the years. Learn how to make yours! You will have bragging rights as well as the “know how” to build high quality ukuleles on your own in your own shop. To begin just register/login and purchase the video lessons Here

Happy Building!

Online Ukulele Building Course


Red Sands Ukuleles / Heidi Litke / Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada / heidilitke@redsandsukuleles.com